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Reef Repair Website 2.0
BY Reef Repair | January 1, 2018

Reef Repair’s New Website

Full disclosure, we actually never had a website 1.0, we thought hey why not skip the bad first iteration and just go right to the kick ass version 2 setup that people will love?

So that is why it took us 6 months to get a website up and running, we wanted to be able to connect you to fast worldwide shipping at super low costs. How else could we hope to save Coral Reefs around the world if we didn’t at least get those two things correct from day 1?

Online Sales

If you were asleep under a rock for a while you may have missed the e-commerce revolution. Forget about walking to the store to get stuff, just buy it online and avoid people, wild animals and talking to strangers altogether.

Our products ship fast and our no nonsense checkout is super easy to use, you can even make an account on the fly to remember your orders and save your address, so get buying and get to saving Coral Reefs and money!

Amazon Shipping

Want your products quick? Well we can help you do that without huge shipping costs. All retail orders ship from Amazon USA which gives you, our customers access to their massive worldwide shipping network, saving you tonnes of money on each and every order!

Retailers & Wholesale

We also needed to build a separate section to help look after our retailers (wholesale customers) a bit better. So we built that into the registration accounts. If you are an approved Retailer of Reef Repair products, you will see all of our wholesale bulk packs as items in the shop as well. Giving you guys the simplicity of ordering online as well.

You can register an account anytime as a retail shopper, but if you’d like to become a retailer of Reef Repair products we can upgrade your account and give you access to massive bulk buy discounts and free marketing materials so you can make money by selling our products in your store or dive shop.

Green And Clean

Our products have some wicked packaging to catch your eye, but those bright crazy colors didn’t work so well for a website. After some false starts with the new design we settled with clean Turquoise greens, you know, like the exquisite color of the ocean we see every day while diving!


If you have any constructive criticism that you desperately need to share with us, or something is not working quite right on the website, you can send us an email via our feedback form.

Feedback @ Reef Repair

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