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Our Story

The Reef Repair Story

It can be difficult to know where to start a story for the most dramatic and impacting effect on a listener. Action movies will open with big elaborate set pieces to hook you at the beginning, remember “Game Of Thrones” episode one? That 1st episode had ice zombies, dragons and lots of gratuitous nudity, so you kept watching season after season, waiting patiently for what they promised you.

It was a long time before we got actual dragons!
It was a long time before we got actual dragons!

So what does Reef Repair promise, how do we hook you at the start of our own story?

In The Beginning

Before the dawn of man, there was the sun and the sun likes to burn things with ultra violet radiation. As essential for life as the sun is, too much of it is a problem. As the men and women of the land became less hairy and in some parts of the world, more fair skinned, the sun became an even bigger menace.

It was not long before death and disease plagued the lands of men and beast. Human life began to drown in the muck and pollution caused by it’s own race toward advancement. The waters and the oceans turned to acid, the peoples skin turned ghastly white and developed legions and sickness, the sun bore down on them ever more relentless.

In mans darkest of hours, a hero stepped forward. Bold, unafraid of change and willing to challenge the falsehood’s of the powerful ruling elite. This hero carries neither sword or bow. This hero wields only the power of science and conviction.

This hero is an environmentally conscience enterprise known as Reef Repair and this hero promises to lead a revolution in coral reef & human safe sun care.

Ok, Our Real Story

Reef Repair started with a very simple idea actually, that idea was …

We can do this better, so much better

… and at the time it was specific to the reef safe and chemical free sunscreen that we had been importing and testing in dive shops in Thailand.

Each product that we got our hands on, usually after being extorted by import taxes, local officials and customs officers, was sadly disappointing. As scuba divers and avid conservationist’s, we were doing our best to provide the local scuba diving industry with reef safe alternatives to the chemical, toxic sun creams people bring with them everyday to our boats and beaches.

Sadly each and every reef safe sun cream or sunscreen we tested or attempted to have customers use, suffered from the same deal breaking negatives. These sunscreen’s would simply make you as white as newly painted picket fence.

Non Whitening Reef Safe Sun Cream For All Skin Types
Non Whitening Reef Safe Sun Cream For All Skin Types

Many of the natural reef safe sun cream we tested were also extremely sticky, thick or excessively oily and some even smelled so bad customers would immediately rinse it off.

That was quite heartbreaking.

The Real Setback

It’s one thing if you can’t convince holiday makers to use an environmentally friendly product, but it’s a whole other worse issue when you can’t even convince dive professionals to wear it. Many employee’s of dive shops and liveaboard’s would complain to us thoroughly about the thickness and skin whitening effect of these imported reef safe sun creams, they simply didn’t like them and customers would not buy or use them.

It was a very serious issue, there was absolutely no way to convince day trippers or even dive professionals to use a product that helps save coral reefs because the creams would sit atop your skin like thick white paint and utterly refused to rub into your skin easily, if at all.

Add to this you’ll never get that stuff on your children. Kids are amazing at picking up on anything that does not work right and these alternative all natural sun creams were more like alternative all natural ‘sun screams‘ when trying to apply on your children.

If You Want Something Done…

The old saying that most people know well, is that of …

If you want something done right, do it yourself

… well in all honesty it was a last resort. We couldn’t continue to let toxic sun creams that contain reef killing chemicals to persist and destroy coral in our local environment and diving areas. Something had to be done.

So we sat down and started mixing a viable, retail-able, all natural, reef safe sun cream. That may seem like a big jump, from being scuba diving professionals with a conscience to producing Thailand’s only reef safe sunscreen. Though at the time we just had started a side business hand making a couple different all natural products for the local markets.

Good all natural sun cream is certainly not as easy to make as soaps, moisturizer and beard care products, and we most definitely learned that the hard way.

Batch Number 43

If you think rocks are hard, try creating and testing 42 different recipes for a reef safe sun cream that you are not happy with performance wise. The hard part is trying again and making batch number 43. After so many near misses and utter failures it would have been easy to believe what we wanted to create was not possible.

Never give up
Never give up

It would have been simple at that time just before Batch 43, to have given up the whole ordeal. But our love for Coral Reefs and eco-friendly scuba diving forced us to persist.

In all honesty, we had come quite close to a viable product a few times. We had made creams (batches) that could and were easy to rub in and creams that didn’t paint you white. We had made sun creams that wouldn’t damage boating and diving equipment and of course we had made creams that were ultra effective against the harmful effects of the sun, we had solved most of our problems except for the final one.

That final problem which seemed impossible at the time was combining all those desirable effects mentioned above into a single product. At one point I think we even considered producing a range of sun creams with different properties, one for moisturizing, one for diving, one for boats, one for kids etc. But that would have been immensely complex for our small enterprise.

Then against all the odds we put the gloves back on and developed batch 43. Maybe unsurprisingly, I’m not going to tell you exactly how we made it or what magic we had to call down from Asgard to get it to work as intended. What I will say, is that with the help of some truly amazing sun care science and a lot of hard work, we had finally created a true revolutionary winner take all sun cream.

Essentially we found our holy grail in batch 43, it was revolutionary, absolutely revolutionary. Reef Repair has no whitening effect when applied, is non oily, non sticky and will safely protect you from the sun, while doing zero harm done to coral or marine life. There is simply nothing on the market today that comes close to the ease of use and the effectiveness of all natural reef repair sun cream.

The next big problem waiting for us, we had taken 6 months to develop our Reef Repair sunscreen. We were now drastically behind the eight ball in terms of market share and facing an uphill struggle to catch up with our competitors.

Revolutionary Sun Care

When we set out to make a reef safe sun cream, we did not expect to produce something that is essentially every single sun care product you have ever purchased inside of a single package, minus all the toxic chemicals of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

The amazing and revolutionary part of our sun care products is that when buying Reef Repair, you are getting everything that is desired in normal sunscreen, all at once, in a single bottle, with a guaranteed quality that is hard to find anywhere else.

Here is why Reef Repair isn’t just another natural sun cream, but potentially the last sun cream you will ever want to purchase.

  • High SPF (30+)
  • UVA, UVA II + UVB Protection
  • Water Resistant (80 min)
  • 100% Natural
  • Organic
  • Moisturizing
  • Face Safe
  • Child Safe
  • Baby Safe (6 months+)
  • Non Whitening
  • Non Sticky
  • Non Oily
  • Smells Nice
  • Cruelty Free
  • Reef Safe

Did we miss anything? If we did and you’d also like to see Reef Repair sun cream do something else, like removing bad tattoo’s? You can get in touch with our customer service staff via email and let them know what other features you need in a sunscreen.

Thanks for reading, take care of yourselves and your skin, visit our online retail shop which is packed full of reef friendly sun care products for you and your family and stay protected when on holiday under the tropical sun!

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