Reef Repair Reef Safe Sunscreen is a natural, biodegradable, coral friendly, waterproof SPF 50 Zinc Oxide sunblock designed to protect your skin & coral reefs!
Our Values

Reef Repair Values

Here at Reef Repair we adopt 6 core values that ensure an unwavering approach to producing the worlds most effective and safest reef safe sunscreens and other reef friendly skin-care products.

Leave Nothing But Your Foot Prints Reef Repair Sun Care
Leave Nothing But Foot Prints

Our mission as a company is to ensure and improve the quality, as well as the longevity of beloved coral reefs around the world and these are the values that help us do it; each and every day.

Ingredient Safety

Reef Repair puts ingredient safety at the top of our everyday processes and practices. We will never ever compromise your safety by placing toxic chemicals or substituting cheap ingredients into our skin care products. You can shop ethically knowing that Reef Repair products contain only the most safest, non-controversial and guaranteed 100% natural ingredients and minerals.

You can find out more about the ingredients we use and why, on our ingredients information page.

Sun Safety

To help prevent sunburn and irreversible DNA damage from the sun, it is essential that every bottle of Reef Repair reef safe sunscreen protects you as intended. Sun safety is therefor of paramount importance to us. Reef Repair adheres strictly to global standards for goods and manufacturing processes (GMP), as well as our own exhaustive internal efficacy and quality control procedures. This helps ensure our products meet their claims and requirements, allowing you to worry less and enjoy more of your time in the sun.

You can find out more about sun safety over on the sunscreen science section of our website.


Sun safety is a complex and complicated issue, it is never as simple as slapping on sunscreen and therefore being 100% safe in the sun. You must always factor in skin type, fairness, genetics and personal disposition each and every time you are exposed for long periods to the suns UV rays. This creates undue complications for consumers, but is also why Reef Repair spends a great amount of time producing education materials centered around improving general sun safety knowledge.

Reef Repair’s education efforts are designed to help inform a much larger audience about environmentally safe sunscreens and sun safety. There is great importance in truly understanding the sun care products you are using, why you are using them, how to use them effectively, and of course the long term benefits of sunscreen safety for both you and the environment.


Here at Reef Repair we do not hide or obfuscate the list of ingredients in our products. Unlike many cosmetic companies we proudly display our ingredients for customers to see. We also police this value wherever we sell Reef Repair reef safe sunscreens, because we are proud and confident in our 100% natural recipes. We do not hide toxic chemicals under false, misleading or obscured names to confuse or trick customers into buying something that is not reef safe.

On the back of every bottle you will find our ingredients & minerals list clearly displayed. You can confirm the ingredients in your products or learn more about them by checking the “Details” section of a product page, in our reef safe skin care shop, or by checking out our ingredients information page.

Pricing Access

There is no point digging a well for someone if they can’t afford a bucket and rope. One core principle we stand-by strongly here at Reef Repair is our pricing access for a broad range of customers. This refers to us keeping prices low to ensure we can offer alternative reef safe sunscreens, at similar prices to toxic chemical sunscreens. Thereby ensuring that no one ever has to make a choice between helping our environment and protecting their financial security.

This core value is critically important for the ensured health and wellbeing of our planets coral reefs. That is why we also offer large wholesale discounts for potential retailers, distributors and educators thinking of selling Reef Repair products. Check out the information page on becoming a retailer of Reef Repair products.

Outstanding Customer Retail Service

We believe very strongly that if someone tells you that a product doesn’t work, or paints you as white as picket fence when you apply it, that you need to listen. We place customer service second only to our main mission statement. If you ever have need to contact us, you will hear directly back from our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff to help you with your query in a timely manner.

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