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A World Of Retailers

Wouldn’t it be nice if on your next holiday you walked straight into your favourite dive shop and were able to buy Reef Repair sun creams there, right off the shelf, no messing about with shopping carts or waiting for your item to arrive in the mail?

Reef Repair retailers are helping to create just such a world. If you are a dive shop, liveaboard, tour boat operator, dive resort, beach resort or any other of the hundreds of shops and activity providers that touch on our environment, ESPECIALLY our Coral Reefs …

THEN WE WANT YOU, to stock Reef Repair products on your shelves!


Reef Repair works closely with many retailers all over the world, small to big it doesn’t matter, dive shops with 5 customers a day, snorkeling tour operator with 100 customers a day, it is important that we all work together to provide quality sun care products that will help stop the destruction of the attractions people are paying to visit.

The advantages of becoming a Reef Retailer are far too numerous to talk about in one sentence, so this article details why, if you have your own shop, customers or retail spaces, you should be looking at becoming a retailer of Reef Repair products, not just for the good of the environment but also for your bottom line.

Why Become A Retailer?

After becoming a Reef Repair retailer, you will gain access to wholesale rates on all our bulk pack based products. You might have noticed on this website you can only order 9 of a product at any one time?

That’s because if you would like to order 10 we want to give you the option of paying less money! Yeah seriously, our wholesale rates begin with the basic 10 pack, which nets you a discount of around 30%, nothing to scoff at and those discounts go much higher if you buy bigger and bigger packs.

For the convenience of potential retailers, here is a table outlining an example of our wholesale rates for packs of Reef Repair 120ml Sun Cream.

Suncream 120ml Retail Value (USD) Wholesale Price (USD) Wholesale Bonus
1 $14.95 $14.95
10 $149.50 $104.65 30%
20 $299.00 $179.40 40%
50 $747.50 $373.75 50%

Retailer Bonuses

With each wholesale pack bought, Reef Repair will include free of charge a range of promotional and marketing material for your retail spaces.

Pack Size Items
10 1 * A4 Acrylic Poster Stand + 1 * A4 Poster
20 1 * A4 Acrylic Poster Stand + 2 * A4 Poster + 5 * Flyers
50 1 * A4 Acrylic Poster Stand + 1 * A4 Poster + 1 * A4 Poster (laminated) + 10 * Flyers

How Do I Become A Retailer?

We are currently working on a Retailers only account section for our website. The accounts section will allow retailers to set up monthly shipments and give you access to bulk buying the wholesale packs through our online store.

For the moment though, we need you to email us and request to become a retailer. Sorry for the inconvenience but if you have ever met a web developer you’d know exactly why it’s this way for the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

Retail Request

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