Reef Repair Reef Safe Sunscreen is a natural, biodegradable, coral friendly, waterproof SPF 50 Zinc Oxide sunblock designed to protect your skin & coral reefs!
Our Vision

The Reef Repair Vision

The Reef Repair story begins with just two people and a driving if not desperate need to help further educate scuba diving customers about the catastrophic threats facing coral reefs. That need grew into a vision and a mission, which we “Reef Repair” now strive toward every single day.

To create and market a truly reef safe sunscreen that anybody can afford and safely use.

We do this to help remove one of the environmental threats coral reefs find themselves facing today. That of environmental toxicity from common sunscreen chemicals. Whilst removing the pricing barrier that is normally expected when transitioning to 100% natural skin care cosmetics.

What Are We Creating?

Here at Reef Repair it always feels odd to have gone from kitchen company producing sunscreen for local diving businesses. To being part of the global consumer education campaign focused on the link between damaged coral reefs and your sunblock.

Stop eating me and my ocean friends!
Please choose a reef safe sunscreen

To explain it simply “we love the ocean”, and for every bottle or Reef Repair we sell, we put that money straight back into making more reef safe sunscreen. This in turn provides further safety for coral reefs around the world, and the healthier our reefs become the more visitors they will likely receive. The more visitors they receive the more education about protecting them is dispersed and a cyclical net positive economy takes shape. One which benefits coral reefs passively, without direct and usually costly human intervention.

To explain the cyclical economy we are trying to help create. Imagine that you buy reef safe sunscreen to help protect your skin when visiting coral reefs. Those reefs will now suffer from less chemical toxicity and become more beautiful. More people promote the growing beauty of those coral reefs and more people are likely visit them. Those people in turn purchase more reef safe sunscreen and they go on to visit more coral reefs.

Therefore by using a reef safe sunscreen on your visit to a coral reef, you have passively helped give that reef breathing space and a chance to repair. Together we have helped create a positive feedback loop for tourism, the environment, the coral reef and even your own personal health and safety. That’s pretty cool.

Combining Reef Safety With Skin & Sun Safety

Everyone knows the saying “You can’t have your cake and eat it”, once eaten you don’t have it anymore, they simply can’t exist at the same time. For a long while it was assumed one could also not have sun, skin and reef safety all combined into a single affordable product.

Here at Reef Repair we decided to prove that you could, and that is what we did.

Coral Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Protection By Reef Repair 120ml
Coral Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Protection By Reef Repair

Our products are 100% safe for coral reefs, they are safe for you and they are safe for your skin. Many off the shelf sunscreens you find today contain active chemical ingredients which are poison to coral reefs. Those active chemical ingredients can also have serious health implications for you in the long term, and many sunscreens contain other petrochemicals or silicones that do your skin no favors.

Active sunscreen ingredients UVA, UVA II & UVB Protection Graph
Active sunscreen ingredients UVA, UVA II & UVB Protection Graph

To achieve our vision we must ensure our products always meet the highest standards of quality and the needs of our customers, whilst maintaining unquestionable safety across all three areas of sun, skin and coral reef safety.

Our Commitment

Our vision may have sounded simple, it might have sounded easy, trust us when we say that sunscreen manufacturing is not a simple process. It requires constant attention to detail, bullet proof ethics, 24/7 work weeks and a unwavering dedication to sun safety and environmental education for our customers.

It aint easy being non-greasy.

Which is something we say here in times of great stress and uncertainty. We say it to remind ourselves that no matter how difficult the task of protecting coral reefs is, that our mission must continue. If we don’t protect and conserve coral reefs into the future, we may damage our oceans in a way they will never recover from, spelling disaster for our planet.

Beautiful Corals Being Grown In Artificial Environment
Beautiful Corals Being Grown In Artificial Environment

Just remember that oceans contribute around 70% of our planets Oxygen. Our oceans are the lungs of the world. Healthy coral reefs contribute to healthy oceans, so please, help us by making sure to choose a reef safe sunscreen when visiting coral reefs.

As always, happy travels, and stay safe in the sun!

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