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Anything Above SPF 50 Is A Con
BY Reef Repair | April 9, 2018

Why Anything Above SPF 50 Is A Con

Summer is here and you might find yourself deciding which sun cream to buy, you have heard all about skin cancer and also don’t want to burn your skin, you want the best protection possible so you choose the sun cream with the highest SPF 100 rating and think you are fully protected?

Guess what, you’d be dead wrong, possibly still get burned and likely do irreparable damage to your skin and health! How and where did it all go so wrong?

Super High SPF Ratings Are Gimmicks

Here is the lowdown, there is simply a common misconception for consumers of sun creams that the higher the SPF rating the better the protection. Most of us simply believe without question that SPF 100 must offer ‘far better’ protection compared to SPF 30 or 50 because the number is so much higher.

Recommended SPF 30
Recommended SPF 30

This simply couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact SPF 100 only has a 2% better rate of protection than SPF 30, this amount makes very little difference.

That Can’t Be True, Right?

What SPF 100+ sun care products do, is give you a false sense of security, through some clever marketing and down rights falsities, sun cream manufacturers lead you to believe that you have higher level of protection so you can stay in the sun for a lot longer without having to re-apply as often.

Because of this, people wearing higher than SPF 50 are actually more likely to burn and get a lot more UV damage. If you believe you are better protected you won’t re-apply as often, that means you will catch more of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays!

You don't need anything above SPF 30You don't need anything above SPF 30

If the video above doesn’t work in your location you can watch the informative, Why you don’t need anything above SPF 50 video on YouTube.

The video above explains better than we ever could the amazing trick that has been played on consumers of sunscreens and sun creams.

Essentially anything above SPF 50 is a brilliant gimmick to make extra money for sun creams producers, but at the same time, putting you at risk!

Quality SPF 30 / SPF 50 Sun Care

You simply don’t need anything higher than SPF 50, just make sure that the sun cream you are using has broad-spectrum protection, meaning it protects you against harmful UVA rays as well as skin burning UVB rays.

Zinc Oxide based all-natural mineral sun creams offer this protection and our very own Reef Safe Sunscreens protect against more than that.

Reef Safe Sunscreen, 120ml, SPF 30
  • Type: Sunscreen
  • SPF: 30
  • Water Resistant: 40 Min
  • UVA:
  • UVA II:
  • UVB:
  • Reef Safe:
  • Moisturizing:
  • Recyclable:
  • Baby Safe:
  • Kid Safe:
  • Non Oily:
  • Natural: 100%

Join the sun cream revolution and stop buying gimmicked products, buy quality SPF 30+ and SPF 50+ sunscreen that protect you and our Coral Reefs!

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